Gilbert J. Mosher Friends of Camp Kenan Campership Fund

During Goosestock 2011, Friends of Camp Kenan, along with the Mosher Family proudly announced the union of the Friends of Camp Kenan Campership and Gilbert J. Mosher scholarship funds. The newly merged funds can now be referred to as "The Gilbert J Mosher Friends of Camp Kenan Campership Fund".

The Gilbert J Mosher Fund originated in 2006 after the passing of Gilbert J. Mosher, a dear friend and former staff member of Camp Kenan. The idea of this fund was to send children, specifically one boy and one girl, to Camp Kenan that could otherwise not afford to go on their own. These children were selected after much effort put forward by the Mosher Family, visiting schools, meeting with guidance coun-selors and principals, sharing with them the benefit that Camp Kenan could bring to children who needed it. Since 2006, after a year or two of allowing time for the fund to accumu-late donations, the Mosher Family raised enough money to send 6 (six) children to Camp Kenan.

In 2010, Friends of Camp Kenan kicked off a new fund raising effort to create a Campership Fund. Our goal was to provide an opportunity for children to attend Camp Kenan who otherwise may not have been able to. Friends of Camp Kenan members remember how important Camp Kenan was to their lives and the campers they shared the experience with. Our members responded in a huge way and during Summer 2011, we sent our first 10 (ten) campers to Camp Kenan as a direct result of this effort, with the full cost of going to camp covered by the Campership.

Prior to Goosestock 2011 Mark Natemeier, President of the Friends of Camp Kenan and the Mosher family discussed bringing together their efforts of raising money, joining the two separate funds to one, the Gilbert J Mosher Friends of Camp Kenan Campership Fund. We look forward to working together, to identify children throughout Western New York and beyond who deserve the opportunity to go to the place we all love so much, which helped shape us into the people we are today, Camp Kenan. We hope that these children who are given the opportunity to experience Camp Kenan at its best grow to some-day work there, and to eventually give back to the place that will without a doubt give so much to them.

Friends of Camp Kenan actively reaches out to area schools and churches to find children and families that could benefit from the Camp Kenan experience. If you would like recommend your child or a child you know, please email us!

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Hold High the Torch

You did not light its glow
‘Twas given you by other hands you know
‘Twas yours to keep it burning bright
Yours to pass on when you no more need light
For there are other feet that we must guide
And other forms go marching by our side
Their eyes are watching every smile and tear
And efforts that we think are not worth wild
Are sometimes just the very helps they need
Actions to which their souls would give most heed
So that in turn they’ll hold it high and say
“I watched someone else carry it this way”
If brighter paths should beckon you to choose
Would your small gain compare with all you’d lose?

Hold high the torch
You did not light its glow
‘Twas given you by other hands you know
I think it started down its pathway bright
The day the maker said, “Let there be light”
And he once said who hung on Calvary’s Tree
“Ye are the light of the world, go, shine for me”